Master Essential Skills & Topics for Retail and CPG

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CatManTraining Program, Level 3 CPSA

CatManTraining Program, Levels 1-2 CPCA-CPCM

CatMan Training Program, Level 2 CPCM

CatMan Training Program, Level 1 CPCA

Assortment Planning in the Omni-Channel

New Analytics in Retail and CPG

Shopper Insights Training Program, Levels 1–3

Shopper Insights Training Program, Level 3

Shopper Insights Training Program, Level 2

Shopper Insights Training Program, Level 1

Proficiency In Excel

30-Day Learning Subscription Trial

Sales Training Program

Refreshing Your Shopper Insights

Annual Learning Subscription

Upheaval in Retail Product Supply Chains and its Impact

Innovative Responses to the Pandemic

Understanding Retailer Strategy and Category Management 1

Understanding Retailer Strategy and Category Management 2

Advanced Retailer Understanding

Proficiency in Understanding and Using Data 1

Proficiency in Understanding and Using Data 2

Category and Business Insights 1

Category and Business Insights 2

Assortment & Space Management Skills

Building Pricing and Promotion Skills

Consumer and Shopper Analytics and Insights

Selling Skills 1: Developing Fact-Based Powerpoint & Presentation Skills

Selling Skills 2: Strategic Selling and Collaborative Business Planning Skills

Creating Category Reviews to Reflect the Omni-Channel

CatMan Foundations

CatMan 2.0

Working with Limited Data

Improve Your Virtual Meetings

Data to Insights

Collaboration and Joint Business Planning

Category Management in eCommerce

Developing Your Presentation

Data Visualization


Nail your next virtual meeting

CatMan Training Program, Level 4 Master’s

CatMan Training Program, All Courses

Collaborative Business Planning

Strategic Selling

Understanding and Marketing to Your Shopper

Leveraging Data for Advanced Shelving Solutions

Strategic Supply Chain Management

Promotion: New Analytics and Implications for Retailers and Manufacturers

Pricing: New Analytics, Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

Shopper Marketing: Applying a New Tactic Into Category Management

Deployment, Supply Chain, and ROI: Important Considerations For Long-Term Success

Developing Shopper-Based CatMan Foundations

Building an Organizational CatMan Structure and Strategy From the Inside Out

Space Management: Space Optimization and Advanced Technologies

Assortment: New Shopper-Focused Metrics and Advanced Technologies

Developing Shopper-Focused Category Management Scorecards

The Why Assessment: Shopper Insight is the Missing Puzzle Piece

The What Assessment: Category Insights Using Advanced Data Sources

CatMan 2.0™ Introduction: What’s Changed?

Building Excel Skills

Category Assessment

Building Powerpoint and Presentation Skills

Category Definition & Segmentation

Category Management on Limited Data

Category Roles

Category Strategies

Category Tactics and Analytics

Develop and Implement a Category Plan

Increasing your Effectiveness in an Analytical World

Retailer Strategy

Understanding and Using Data

Building Data Competency: Panel Data

Building Data Competency: POS Data

Measuring Category Health

Retailer Economics and the Product Supply Chain

Fact-Based Selling

Store Clustering Through Store Level and Geodemographic Data

Advanced Analytics: Relativity

Promotion Analysis Techniques

Pricing Strategies and Analysis Techniques

Space Management Fundamentals

Efficient Assortment: A Step-by-Step Process

New Skills for Virtual Sales

Category Management Overview

Changing Shopper Behavior During & After the Pandemic

The Latest and Greatest Shopper Insights Data

Evaluating and Managing Risk In Your Business

Story Telling, More Than Just Fact Based Selling

Rocking Your Presentations in PowerPoint Part 2

Rocking Your Presentations in PowerPoint Part 1

Moving to More Strategic, Fact-based Presentations Using Storyboarding

Seasonality Analysis For Your Post Season Holiday Evaluation

Developing Your Soft Skills

Ways to Identify Growth Opportunities In Your Business

Trends That Will Affect Category Management

CatMan 2.0™ Introduction: What’s Changed?

What Happened With The Shopper and Where Are We Headed In The Future?

Category Management in eCommerce

Best in Class Category Reviews Parts 1 and 2

Applying Critical Thinking to your Category Management Work

New Shopper Perspectives - The Evolution

CatMan 2.0: Shopper Marketing and Shopper Insights in the Category Management Process

Identifying Business Opportunities Through Improved Shopper Focus

The Power of Shopper Insights: Why it’s important and what to do about it

Improving Your Business Acumen in Category Management

Developing Data Visualization Skills for Better Storytelling, Part 2

Developing Data Visualization Skills for Better Storytelling, Part 1