CatMan Training Program, Level 2 CPCM

This training program is designed to build category management skills at an intermediate level, including in-depth data and analytics across key data sources and the category tactics.  It includes a set of on-demand courses that will give participants skills to function at an intermediate level in their catman or sales role in retail / CPG / FMCG.  This program meets all learning requirements for the Certified Professional Category Manager (CPCM) designation with the CMA for those who are interested.  

Who should take this course? Retail, catman, sales and shopper teams looking for an intermediate understanding of Category Management and/or who is looking to achieve CPCM certification.  

Program Details  

  • Approximately 30-35 hours course time 
  • Prerequisite: Foundational / CPCA 

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Learning Objectives for Intermediate / CPCM Category Management Training Program: Online Training Program from CMKG.ORG

Gain skills to excel at an intermediate level in your role in retail / CPG / FMCG.

Build category management skills to effectively navigate in-depth data and analytics across key data sources and the category tactics.

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