Master Essential Skills & Topics for Retail and CPG

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CatMan Foundations: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

Before you can create an effective CatMan approach and deliver compelling business results, you first need to master the fundamentals. Through a comprehensive understanding of category management, how it works, and why it's important for your business, you'll be able to expertly utilize data, insights, and analytics to uncover new opportunities and create a strong CatMan approach to successfully meet your immediate and bigger-picture goals. This virtual classroom training will provide you with a thorough understanding of CatMan foundations, the key steps of the CatMan process, and how to integrate an effective CatMan approach to your business.

CatMan 2.0: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

The category management process has changed to reflect more complex data, increasingly complicated technologies, more sophisticated Shoppers, and an evolving retail Omni-Channel. And, as the industry continues to rapidly evolve and present new challenges, your strategic CatMan approach must adapt to meet the needs of the new Shopper and Omni-Channel. This virtual classroom training will dive into the most important changes to the category management process, the implications they have for your team and for navigating your business into the future, and will provide your team with the skills necessary to implement an effective CatMan strategy to keep up with this ever-changing industry.

Working with Limited Data: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

Despite all the new data sources available in today’s world, many of us still find ourselves in “low data” scenarios, whether it’s in an entire industry, a region, or a category. The good news is that limited data doesn’t mean you can’t do category management — it just means that you have to get more creative and rely more on ad hoc research (like consumer focus groups and insight studies), audit data (like shelf space and number of flyers) and even supplier shipment data (for market information).  This virtual classroom training will give your team the skills to create an effective category management approach in a limited data environment. You'll gain meaningful insights into maximizing data, learn to optimize creative data sources, and better understand the type of collaboration and trust needed between Retailers and Manufacturers. 

Improve Your Virtual Meetings: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

Virtual meetings are now essential for CPG and retail organizations to maintain productivity and continuity during the pandemic. They can make it easy to align teams, keep employees engaged, and collaborate with clients and vendors. But even if virtual meetings have been part of your work routine for a while, you may still fall victim to virtual meeting faux pas or even worse — bored, distracted, or confused attendees causing a lack of real progress. This virtual classroom training will provide best practices and approaches to keep your team’s virtual meetings productive, impactful and interactive.

Data to Insights: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

With more complex data available, along with the sheer amount of data right at our fingertips, identifying what's relevant and important versus what isn't becomes more of a challenge. To effectively analyze and derive compelling insights from massive amounts of data you'll need to expertly distinguish between facts and insights and sift through the noise to recognize data points relevant to your specific business situation. This virtual classroom training will provide your team with the tools and skills to make more fact-based strategic insights to help grow your business and partnerships, create new solutions, and uncover new opportunities for your business.

Collaboration and Joint Business Planning: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

Project missteps and misunderstandings often arise when there's a lack of effective collaboration between partners. Without a framework in place to foster collaboration, you often end up with different goals and expectations, resulting in wasted time, energy, and resources.  This virtual classroom training will provide you with the key skills to enable successful collaboration between both internal and external partners. Through a comprehensive understanding of joint business planning, you'll be able to implement JBP strategies to solve your customers' key business issues, navigate expectations and next steps, and become more effective consultative category professionals.   

Category Management in eCommerce: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

As more industries move their sales and business online, cultivating skills to successfully navigate the eCommerce space is now more important than ever. Luckily, with the right tools and training you can easily open up opportunities in the online sphere and adapt brick and mortar category management strategies for the eCommerce space.  This virtual classroom training explores the new eCommerce landscape, the challenges you'll face, and how to extend category management strategies beyond brick and mortar to ensure your success and increased Shopper satisfaction. 

Developing Your Presentation: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

While we spend a great deal of time analyzing data and drawing insights, rarely do we put the same time, energy, and consideration into building the presentation — from visuals to flow to story. By building a sleeker and more compelling presentation, you're more likely to get people to say "yes" to your ideas. This virtual classroom training will help you prepare and develop captivating presentations by pinpointing where you can improve storytelling, how to better translate your ideas into visuals, and increase engagement with your audience.

Data Visualization: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

As our data-driven world evolves in retail and CPG, so does the need for us to hone our skills. Communicating data insights effectively can be a challenge, and key information often gets lost in the overwhelming noise of numbers and statistics. That's why, by integrating data visualization strategies, you can control the chaos and easily see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. This virtual classroom training will show you how to implement visual elements into your data-driven presentations, enabling you to tell a clear and informative story. With data visualization techniques, you'll ensure your team and clients always walk away with a comprehensive understanding of your data analysis and insights.

Storyboarding: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

Presentation skills continue to be an area that we can all improve on. With only a short amount of time to communicate goals and urge your team or clients to action, creating a captivating and clear presentation is crucial. This virtual classroom training will provide you and your team with the skills and tools to craft better presentations through storyboarding that clearly define goals, draw insights, and identify opportunities for both your team and clients.

New Skills for Virtual Sales: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

Virtual sales meetings are already a fact of life, but too many businesses are still relying on the in-person experience, which creates friction rather than deals. Virtual sales meetings require new skills, specific kinds of prep, rapport-building strategies, facilitation best practices, and tools. This 2-hour virtual classroom training will build your team’s abilities and confidence in a newly virtual world by addressing the critical factors to avoid undesirable results in your upcoming virtual sales meetings.