Category Management Training Program, All Courses

This category management training program gives you access to all of our accredited and non-accredited category management courses at the Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced levels, plus an additional 6 non-accredited courses. 

Learn everything you possibly can about category management in this expanded set of accredited and non-accredited courses. If you are serious about category management and want to become proficient at all levels, this program is ideal for you, and gives you the best bang for your buck. An "all course access" gives you access to 34 courses (29 accredited and 5 non-accredited), with two years access to the full program in our Online Training & Resource Center.

Buy All Course Category Management Training Program ($2,149) from CMKG.ORG


Learning Objectives for All Course Category Management Training Program: Online Training Program from CMKG.ORG

Learn everything you possibly can about category management.

Get access to hands-on workshops, downloadable notes & reference guides, knowledge checks, and course tests.

Learn the fundamentals of category management and build upon your skills with advanced category management courses and training.

Courses Included:

  • Category Management Overview
    Retailer Strategy
  • Category Definition and Segmentation
  • Category Roles
  • Category Strategies
  • Understanding and Using Data
    Category Assessment
  • Category Tactics and Analytics
    Category Management on Limited Data
  • Develop and Implement the Category Plan
  • Building PowerPoint and Presentation Skills
  • Building Excel Skills
  • Building Data Competency: Panel Data
  • Building Data Competency: POS Data
  • Measuring Category Health (Baseline & Incremental Drivers)
    Efficient Assortment: A Step-by-Step Process
  • Pricing Strategies and Analysis Techniques
  • Promotion Analysis Techniques
    Advanced Analytics: Relativity
    Fact Based Selling
  • Space Management Fundamentals
    Leveraging Data for Advanced Shelving Solutions
  • Store Clustering Through Store Level and Geodemographic Data
  • Understanding and Marketing to Your Shopper
  • Retailer Economics and the Product Supply Chain
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Selling
    Collaborative Business Planning
  • Increasing Your Effectiveness in an Analytical World
  • Hispanic Americans: An Opportunity for Marketers and Retailers
  • Baby Boomers: An Incredible Marketing Opportunity
  • Retailer Strategy in the Convenience Channel
  • In-Store Marketing Overview: The Basics
  • 6 Steps to Create Effective In-Store Marketing Materials
    Also includes our CPCA & CPCM Certification Preparation Materials: CPCA & CPCM practice exams (4 attempts), and "mini-exams" for each learning requirement including feedback by question (3 attempts for each learning requirement).
*Note that the CPSA level does not include exam preparation materials as it is an essay-based exam that also considers the candidate's experience.
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