Strategic Storyboarding: Crafting Compelling Business Narratives

Overview: Storyboarding a business presentation before delving into PowerPoint slides is a critical step in crafting an impactful story. It ensures a strategic and purposeful approach, guiding presenters to define the presentation's goals, consider the audience's perspective, and identify key insights and opportunities. By mapping out the storyline in a storyboard, presenters gain a clear roadmap, allowing for a more seamless and engaging flow in the final presentation. This process not only enhances the structure of the content but also fosters a deeper understanding of the message, resulting in a more impactful and persuasive delivery. 

In this course, we present the storyboard as a tool that revolutionizes the process of developing presentations. We illustrate how it empowers presenters to express their ideas with accuracy and impact. Through the analysis of tailored case studies relevant to your business, we deconstruct each storyboard element, honing in on genuine client or internal opportunities.

Session Details:

  • Optimum Class Size: 10-15 participants (maximum 25)
  • Length of Session: 120 minutes
  • Cost: Starts at $3,000 USD (inclusive of development, customization, delivery, student notes, and hands-on workshops). Multiple sessions of the same topic are at a reduced price.
  • Core Competency: Presentation Skills

Adaptability: This session seamlessly integrates with other training topics, creating a versatile virtual training series over days, weeks, or months.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Storyboard Steps Understanding:

    • Describe the steps in a storyboard and their significance.
  2. Perspective Mastery:

    • Explain the presentation's purpose internally and from the audience's viewpoint.
  3. Opportunity Evaluation:

    • Calculate the "size of the prize" based on insights-identified opportunities.
  4. Compelling Insight Identification:

    • Identify compelling and relevant insights to bolster opportunities.
  5. Benefits of Storyboarding:

    • Describe the benefits and importance of using storyboarding in presentation development.

Arm your team with vital skills to craft impactful presentations, turning their ideas and opportunities into compelling and powerful narratives for their audience.


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  • What is required of individuals? Virtual Classroom training is designed as highly interactive and requires individual participation through chat, whiteboards, breakout rooms, contests, quizzes, and more. There may also be work before class sessions and/or homework between class sessions.
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