Revitalizing Category Management: Adapting to Shopper Needs, Technology, Data, and Omni-Channel Evolution

Overview: In the last decade, category management has evolved significantly due to complex data, advancing technologies, changing shopper expectations, and the rise of the omni-channel. To remain effective in retail and CPG, it's crucial to adopt a more dynamic and adaptive approach. This includes integrating insights from diverse channels, prioritizing the preferences of the modern shopper, and leveraging innovative technologies. Navigating these changes requires a strategic upgrade, acknowledging new challenges and embracing cutting-edge strategies to stay relevant and agile in the dynamic retail landscape.

Explore industry shifts, discern their implications, and empower your team/organization with the skills and insights for a future-ready category management approach in this instructor-led training session.

Session Details:

  • Optimum Class Size: 10-15 participants (maximum 25)
  • Length of Session: 120 minutes
  • Cost: Starts at $3,000 USD (inclusive of development, customization, delivery, student notes, and hands-on workshops). Multiple sessions of the same topic are at a reduced price.
  • Core Competency: Retail Strategy

Adaptability: Combine this session with other topics for a virtual training series spanning days, weeks, or months.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. New Challenges in Retail:

    • Describe evolving challenges and changing needs in retail and consumer packaged goods.
  2. Integration of the New Shopper:

    • Explain the characteristics of the new shopper, the shopper journey and how to integrate them into the category management process.
  3. Omni-Channel Navigation:

    • Identify strategies to navigate the omni-channel, encompassing both brick-and-mortar and online retail formats.
  4. Category Management Upgrade:

    • List ways to upgrade your category management approach with new strategies for the evolving landscape.

Prepare your team for success in the ever-changing industry by mastering adaptive category management techniques tailored to contemporary challenges and opportunities.

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Instructor-Led Training FAQ:

  • What will individuals learn? Each training session (in-person or virtual) has well-defined learning objectives that focus on the most important elements of the topic area.  This is tweaked to meet the unique and specific needs of your team or organization.
  • What is required of individuals? Instructor-led training is designed to be highly interactive, requiring individual engagement online through features like chat, whiteboards, breakout rooms, contests, quizzes, and more. Participants may also have prework assignments and/or post-class homework.
  • Want to customize your training?  Opt for customized training to zero in on areas for skill enhancement. Tailoring your training allows a focus on precise needs, offering flexibility with extended or additional sessions. Customized sessions can also be integrated and complemented with other topics to create a bespoke custom training program. 

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