Collaboration and Joint Business Planning: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

Project missteps and misunderstandings often arise when there's a lack of effective collaboration between partners. Without a framework in place to foster collaboration, you often end up with different goals and expectations, resulting in wasted time, energy, and resources. 

This virtual classroom training will provide you with the key skills to enable successful collaboration between both internal and external partners. Through a comprehensive understanding of joint business planning, you'll be able to implement JBP strategies to solve your customers' key business issues, navigate expectations and next steps, and become more effective consultative category professionals.   

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  • Frame new strategies: Define collaboration and share requirements for effective collaboration.
  • Collaboration insights: Learn the importance of internal collaboration and why it’s key to successful external collaboration.
  • Determine mutual interests: Understand joint business planning and the steps to successful JBP sessions with retailers.
  • Align your approach: Identify opportunities for collaboration improvement in your organization.    


Interested in Collaboration and Joint Business Planning team training?

Training can start in as little as 2 weeks and can be customized for your specific team. We'll help you develop internal strategies and opportunities specific to your team and bigger picture goals. Complete this form and we will contact you for details. Virtual Classroom training can include up to 20 individuals. Larger groups or multiple teams can also be accommodated.

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Virtual Classroom Training FAQ:

  • What will individuals learn? Each Virtual Classroom training has defined learning objectives. If you have a question about what is specifically covered, please email to request more information.
  • What is required of individuals? Virtual Classroom training is designed as highly interactive and requires individual participation through chat, whiteboards, breakout rooms, contests, quizzes, and more. There may also be work before class sessions and/or homework between class sessions.
  • Want to customize your training? With customized training, you’ll be able to focus on the specific areas where you’d like to optimize and hone your team’s skills. Personalizing your training allows you to take advantage of longer and extra sessions to fit your exact needs and overall goals. In addition, your customized training session can be expanded and combined with other sessions to create a tailored virtual training program and/or a regular set session on different topic areas (chosen by you!) every month or two. Pricing will vary depending on your specific customized training.

Align your team with a collaborative approach

Help your team gain the right skills and build their confidence with CMKG Virtual Classroom training.

Enable effective communication between both internal and external partners with joint business planning, helping you more easily navigate new challenges, determine mutual interests, and quickly adapt to changing markets and a more complex Shopper. CMKG has led major retailer and supplier organizations through online and virtual classroom training since 2005 and can help you and your team jumpstart your collaboration and joint business planning skills and confidence.



What’s included when buying Collaboration and Joint Business Planning team training?

  • Live instruction
  • Handouts 
  • Prework
  • Enroll up to 20 people
  • Content and learning objectives can be customized to fit retail- or manufacturer-specific needs or proprietary content

What are the other topics for Virtual Classroom training?

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