Story Telling, More Than Just Fact Based Selling

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Category management has changed since its introduction over 30 years ago. So how do the solutions/data/technologies that learners sell fit within the new category management framework? CatMan 2.0 (developed by the CMA) provides a framework and guidelines for a new category management approach. We walk learners through a new learning platform that we rolled out in 2017 that includes a solution provider component (both from an educational and a training perspective), as well as learning how participants can get better educated in the future of category management and how they can help the industry move forward.

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Learning Objectives

Learn how to tailor your category management approach to keep up with the ever-changing Category Management industry.
See how CatMan 2.0 will help you adapt your solutions / data / technologies to fit within the new category management framework.

Your 12-month premium membership grants you access to ALL of the great resources, training, and webinars in our online training center, including:

  • Comprehensive Category Management Glossary with 1,300+ terms, examples, and tools
  • Resource Library with industry whitepapers and additional resources (regularly updated)
  • E-Commerce Resource
  • Hand-picked Industry News
  • Accredited Training Full Course, “Category Management Overview,” including course resources to enhance learning and retention.
  • 6 Skill-Building Live Webinars, approx. 60 minutes each, including topics such as:
    CatMan 2.0™ Introduction: What’s Changed?
    Rocking Your Presentations in PowerPoint: Part 1
    The Power of Shopper Insights: Why it’s important and what to do about it.
    Rocking Your PowerPoint, Part 2
    Developing Data Visualization Skills for Better Storytelling
  • 20+ Skill-Building Webinar Recordings from past live webinars, including these topics:
    Improving Your Business Acumen in Category Management
    Ways to Identify Growth Opportunities In Your Business
    Rocking Your Presentations in PowerPoint
    Category Management in eCommerce
    Moving to more strategic, fact-based presentations
    What happened in 2018 and where are we headed in 2019?

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