Space Management Fundamentals

Space Management Fundamentals

Course Overview

This course gives participants the ability to strategically understand shelf space (without the technical requirements). Participants learn about different retailer shelf strategies, including how to maximize shopper friendliness, minimize out of stocks, minimize excess inventory, maximize profit mix and maximize private label placement. They also learn about the other important inputs that are required course time successful space management projects. Terms and calculations covered include linear feet, fixture sizes, facings, shelf capacity, inventory turnover, space productivity, and lost sales.


Approximately 2 hours course time

Learning Objectives for Space Management Fundamentals: Online Training Course from CMKG.ORG

Understand key space management metrics and drivers;
Assess planogram performance and profitability;
Recommend assortment and product placement changes for the planogram;
Improve shelf productivity as it relates to inventory and space allocation;
Identify appropriate product adjacency based on shopper needs;
Develop space management strategy that aligns with the retailer's objectives.
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