Foundations of Category Management: The Basics

Overview: Category management is a strategic imperative across diverse sectors, including retail, CPG, c-store, DIY, industrial, and professional services. Essential for retailers, suppliers, and solution providers, this course provides a foundational understanding of category management principles, processes and strategies. 

Throughout this course, participants will acquire the skills to implement category management principles within their unique business settings, contributing to strategic business planning and ultimately yielding improved business outcomes. Tailored workshops facilitate in-depth discussions and the development of strategies specific to individual businesses, categories, and scenarios.

Session Details:

  • Optimum Class Size: 10-15 participants (maximum 25)
  • Length of Session: 120 minutes
  • Cost: Starts at $3,000 USD (inclusive of development, customization, delivery, student notes, and hands-on workshops). Multiple sessions of the same topic are at a reduced price.
  • Core Competency: Retail Strategy

Adaptability: This session seamlessly integrates with other training topics, offering the flexibility to create a virtual training series over days, weeks, or months.

Key Learning Objectives:

  1. Category Management Fundamentals:

    • Explain the relevance of category management for retailers and suppliers.
  2. Components Adding Value:

    • Identify crucial components of category management, including category decision trees, structure, roles, and strategy.
  3. Retail Strategies Alignment:

    • Understand the importance of aligning category management with overall retail strategies.
  4. Brick & Mortar vs. Online Strategies:

    • Differentiate strategies between brick-and-mortar and online formats, exploring their impact on the 4 Ps.
  5. Incorporation into Internal Strategies:

    • Describe ways to integrate category management into internal strategies for superior business outcomes.

Enroll to gain a solid understanding of category management principles and strategically apply them for elevated business success.


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Virtual Classroom Training FAQ:

  • What will individuals learn? Each Virtual Classroom training has defined learning objectives. If you have a question about what is specifically covered, please email to request more information.
  • What is required of individuals? Virtual Classroom training is designed as highly interactive and requires individual participation through chat, whiteboards, breakout rooms, contests, quizzes, and more. There may also be work before class sessions and/or homework between class sessions.
  • Want to customize your training? With customized training, you’ll be able to focus on the specific areas where you’d like to optimize and hone your team’s skills. Personalizing your training allows you to take advantage of longer and extra sessions to fit your exact needs and overall goals. In addition, your customized training session can be expanded and combined with other sessions to create a tailored virtual training program and/or a regular set session on different topic areas (chosen by you!) every month or two. Pricing will vary depending on your specific customized training.

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