Understanding Retailer Strategy and Category Management 1: Skill Development Training Program from CMKG

This accredited program develops proficiency in the foundations of category management, including the process and strategy, from a retailer perspective. 

Understanding the foundations of category management is critical to anyone who touches retail. Without the big picture perspective, it’s difficult to understand the role that you play within it and how to create the best solutions.

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What You'll Learn with "Understanding Retailer Strategy and Category Management 1" Skill Development Training!

*Begin with understanding the category management process, including details about each step, and how not all category management is the same.
*Be introduced to a category management continuum to help you understand where you, your categories, and your retailers or manufacturers are within the continuum.
*Focus on the overarching strategies that retailers should incorporate into their category management foundations.
*Articulate your internal retail strategies or those of one of your retail customers, identifying areas where there may be gaps in strategy or in your understanding that you should further investigate.


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We deliver online and virtual training to leading retail and supplier organizations, solutions providers, and the Category Management Association membership. 

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