Sales Training Program

eLearning training program designed to build a more diversified skillset need to grow beyond a traditional sales approach. Learn new skills in critical areas of Retail Understanding, Data & Analytics, Presentations & Storytelling, and Staying Relevant. Create a path for greater business success by learning to develop better solutions and presentations for your retail customers. Learn more about Sales Training & Assessment Solutions.

Learning Objectives for Sales eLearning Program from CMKG

At the end of this program, individuals will be able to:

  • Describe what’s most important from a retail customer’s perspective based on CatMan foundations
  • Explain how retail decisions and sales recommendations affect the retail income statement
  • List key data sources and describe how to draw compelling category insights and turn into action using the tactics
  • Identify the elements of a powerful (virtual) sales presentation – including the logic and flow, look and feel and delivery
  • Explain ways that the Shopper is changing and how this impacts retail customers and collaboration with them

When you purchase Sales Program you get access to incredible training, including:


Retail Understanding

  • Category Management Overview
  • Retailer Strategy
  • Retail Economics and the Product Supply Chain

Data & Analytics

  • Understanding and Using Data
  • Category Assessment
  • Category Tactics and Analytics
  • Category Management on Limited Data

Presentations & Storytelling

  • Building PowerPoint & Presentation Skills
  • Fact-Based Selling
  • Developing Data Visualization Skills, Part 1 and 2
  • Moving to More Strategic Presentations Through Storyboarding
  • Strategic Selling
  • Collaborative Business Planning

Staying Relevant

  • Evaluating & Managing Risk in Your Business
  • Nail Your Next Virtual Meeting
  • Creating Category Reviews to Reflect the Omni-Channel
  • Innovative Responses to the Pandemic


  • 1-year membership to CMKG's Online Training and Resource Center via Desktop, Laptop and Mobile Devices (includes access to our glossary of 1300+ industry terms, library of whitepapers and other online resources
  • Individual student guides and other content (e.g. workshops, subject glossaries, additional materials) for most courses
  • Student Support via email and Live Chat

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