Improve Your Virtual Meetings: Virtual Classroom Training from CMKG

Virtual meetings are now essential for CPG and retail organizations to maintain productivity and continuity during the pandemic. They can make it easy to align teams, keep employees engaged, and collaborate with clients and vendors. But even if virtual meetings have been part of your work routine for a while, you may still fall victim to virtual meeting faux pas or even worse — bored, distracted, or confused attendees causing a lack of real progress.

This virtual classroom training will provide best practices and approaches to keep your team’s virtual meetings productive, impactful and interactive.

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  • Virtual meeting faux pas: Learn how to avoid the common mistakes made during virtual meetings that distract and lose engagement. 
  • Best Practices: You'll learn how to conduct a virtual meeting that fosters productivity, ending each meeting with clear next steps for your internal team or external clients.
  • Create clarity: Learn how to lead a virtual meeting in a clear and concise manner, how to avert those awkward pauses, and avoid confusion and bored attendees. 
  • Virtual meeting prep: Technical glitches happen, but we'll show you how to prep for your virtual meeting to avoid those problems and how to troubleshoot and pivot your meeting strategy if technical issues pop up. 


Interested in Improving Your Virtual Meetings team training?

Training can start in as little as 2 weeks and can be customized for your specific team. We can help you develop and optimize your next presentation for an upcoming launch to ensure you engage and move your audience to action. Complete this form and we will contact you for details. Virtual Classroom training can include up to 20 individuals. Larger groups or multiple teams can also be accommodated.

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Virtual Classroom Training FAQ:

  • What will individuals learn? Each Virtual Classroom training has defined learning objectives. If you have a question about what is specifically covered, please email to request more information.
  • What is required of individuals? Virtual Classroom training is designed as highly interactive and requires individual participation through chat, whiteboards, breakout rooms, contests, quizzes, and more. There may also be work before class sessions and/or homework between class sessions.
  • Want to customize your training? With customized training, you’ll be able to focus on the specific areas where you’d like to optimize and hone your team’s skills. Personalizing your training allows you to take advantage of longer and extra sessions to fit your exact needs and overall goals. In addition, your customized training session can be expanded and combined with other sessions to create a tailored virtual training program and/or a regular set session on different topic areas (chosen by you!) every month or two. Pricing will vary depending on your specific customized training.

Look like a virtual meeting veteran even if it’s new to you

Help your team gain the right skills and build their confidence with CMKG Virtual Classroom training.

Because virtual meetings have become the primary way you communicate with your team and clients, you'll want to ensure your attendees feel engaged, interested, and leave your meeting with a clear understanding of your goals and the next steps. With this training, you'll learn how to expertly prep for your meeting, create clarity and engagement, and learn how to avoid those virtual meeting faux pas! CMKG has led major retailer and supplier organizations through online and virtual classroom training since 2005 and can help you and your team jumpstart your presentation skills and confidence.


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What’s included when buying Improve Your Virtual Meetings Now team training?

  • Live instruction
  • Handouts 
  • Prework
  • Enroll up to 20 people
  • Content and learning objectives can be customized to fit retail- or manufacturer-specific needs or proprietary content

What are the other topics for Virtual Classroom training?

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