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Category Management Training Program, Level 3 CPSA

This advanced training program is designed to build skills in areas like shopper and product supply. It includes a set of on-demand courses that gives participants the skills to function at an advanced level in their role in retail / CPG / FMCG. This program meets all learning requirements for the CPSA designation. Who should take this course? For those looking for an advanced understanding of Category Management - and/or who is looking to achieve CMA designation at the CPSA level. Program Details Approximately 20 hours course time Prerequisite: Intermediate category management understanding and/or CPCM Designation (if you are looking for CMA certification). Note that the CPSA level does not include exam preparation materials as certification is by an essay-based exam that also considers the candidate's experience. Buy Advanced / CPSA Category Management Training Program ($499) from CMKG.ORG

Shopper Insights Training Program, Levels 1–3

This set of courses builds important strategic foundations that help participants better understand the Shopper focus in category management, retail, shopper insights, and shopper marketing. Who should take this course? Individuals and teams looking for a more strategic approach within shopper insights. Program Details Approx. 30 hours course time No prerequisites Includes access to Annual Learning Subscription, including 25+ recorded Virtual Training sessions, and CMKG-exclusive resources.

Category Management Training Program, All Courses

This category management training program gives you access to all of our accredited and non-accredited category management courses at the Foundational, Intermediate and Advanced levels, plus an additional 6 non-accredited courses. Learn everything you possibly can about category management in this expanded set of accredited and non-accredited courses. If you are serious about category management and want to become proficient at all levels, this program is ideal for you, and gives you the best bang for your buck. An "all course access" gives you access to 34 courses (29 accredited and 5 non-accredited), with two years access to the full program in our Online Training & Resource Center. Buy All Course Category Management Training Program ($2,149) from CMKG.ORG

Collaborative Business Planning

Course Overview This course gives participants the skills to enable effective collaboration between partners, as well as teaches them how partnerships provide a structure to organize, plan and implement mutually beneficial ideas. It also walks through joint business planning in detail, identifying a framework from which joint business planning should be completed. Participants develop key skills to help them become more consultative category professionals and enables them to become more effective with their efforts to solve customer’s key business issues. Approximately 2 hours course time

Strategic Selling

Course Overview Selling takes place internally within retailers and suppliers, across departments and teams, like the category manager at the retailer selling an idea or concept to their business unit lead or manager, or a supplier’s category analyst or category management director selling in an idea or concept to a marketing director or sales director within their organization. We teach that when we refer to the Seller and Buyer, the concepts and analogies are relevant across multiple types of relationships. Approximately 2 hours course time

Understanding and Marketing to Your Shopper

Course Overview

Leveraging Data for Advanced Shelving Solutions

Course Overview

Strategic Supply Chain Management

*Training Topics, Format, or Audience: CPSA Supply Chain Advanced Level On-Demand Learning Category Management
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Retailer Economics and the Product Supply Chain

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