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Assortment Planning in the Omni-Channel

As the omni-channel continues to evolve and shoppers demand more from their experience, we need to understand how to create strategic, profitable and shopper-focused assortments. Join Sue Nicholls of CMKG as she walks through the requirements, considerations and analytics for Omni-Channel assortments that reflect the needs of shoppers, retailers and manufacturers.

New Analytics in Retail and CPG

*Training Topics, Format, or Audience: Analytics Work Data and Insights Instructor-Led Course New & Relevant
The sheer amount of data available today can be daunting. But it’s availability also provides an opportunity to redefine our measurables, improve our decision making and better analyze shoppers, assortments, channels and more. In this training session, participants will learn to analyze “year ago” data in the most effective ways to make the best decisions moving forward, create a new definition of “market” and describe how to capture data from different sources, and describe new ways to complete assortment analytics in the omni-channel world.

Refreshing Your Shopper Insights

Many of us were struggling with Shopper understanding prior to the pandemic, but now everything has changed. The Shopper’s behaviors have changed both in brick & mortar and online across different demographic groups, and new trends have emerged. As a result, we also need to press the “reset” button and do a deep dive into understanding the new and evolving Shopper. This course helps guide learners through some of the changes necessary for improved Shopper understanding.

Upheaval in Retail Product Supply Chains and its Impact

*Training Topics, Format, or Audience: Featured Webinar Instructor-Led Course New & Relevant
eCommerce is impacting tactics in-store and online. To keep up with consumer needs in both, retailers require a clear understanding of how products move from warehouses to consumers. The retail supply chain is now more complex than ever due to changing retail assortments, shifting space requirements, effects on cost and new automation tech. Retailers are changing, including making monumental supply chain shifts, rationalizing assortment lineups and changing planograms, re-examining their pricing strategies and promotional activity as stores become distribution centers for in-store pickup, and prioritizing digital platforms as they move to an omni-channel approach. Participants learn about the changes, challenges, and solutions surrounding the retail product supply chain to help retailers and suppliers make better recommendations and decisions. This course is relevant to and important for anyone who works in the retail industry, sells or supplies to retailers, and/or who wants a broad understanding of retail.

Creating Category Reviews to Reflect the Omni-Channel

In today’s world, both retailers and manufacturers must gain a deep understanding of shopper needs and behaviors to better inform their marketing activity. Category reviews focused on a single channel are no longer sufficient to meet changing Consumer and Shopper needs, and this requires organizations to move beyond traditional data sources into some new and exciting territory. In this course learners will see examples of new data, measures and insights that are available for a deeper Shopper understanding and how they affect the category review process.

Category Management in eCommerce and the Omni-Channel

As more industries move their sales and business online, cultivating skills to successfully navigate the eCommerce space is now more important than ever. Luckily, with the right tools and training you can easily open up opportunities in the online sphere and adapt brick and mortar category management strategies for the eCommerce space. This virtual classroom training explores the new eCommerce landscape, the challenges you'll face, and how to extend category management strategies beyond brick and mortar to ensure your success and increased Shopper satisfaction. category management in ecommerce and the omni-channel This session can be combined with other training topics to create a virtual training series over days, weeks or months. Optimum class size: 10-15 participants Length of session: 120 minutes Cost: Starts at $2,500 USD (includes customized workshops) per session

The Latest and Greatest Shopper Insights Data

In today’s world, both retailers and manufacturers must gain a deep understanding of shopper needs and behaviors to better inform their marketing activity. This requires organizations to move beyond traditional data sources into some new and exciting data. In this course, through collaboration with some top Shopper data/insights solution providers in North America, we provide some case study examples of new data, measures and insights available for a deeper Shopper understanding. Some of the impacts of the COVID-19 virus are also addressed.