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New Analytics in Retail and CPG

*Training Topics, Format, or Audience: Analytics Work Data and Insights Instructor-Led Course New & Relevant
The sheer amount of data available today can be daunting. But it’s availability also provides an opportunity to redefine our measurables, improve our decision making and more precisely analyze shoppers, assortments, channels and more. In this training session, participants will learn to analyze “year ago” data in the most effective ways to make the best decisions moving forward; create a new definition of “market” and describe how to capture using different data sources; and describe new ways to complete assortment analytics in the omni-channel world.

Promotion: New Analytics and Implications for Retailers and Manufacturers

Promotion, as a driver of incremental sales, has expanded way beyond traditional flyers and coupons to include websites, targeted emails, social media, and retailer mobile strategy. Participants learn to use advanced data and technology to plan effectively for this new and expanding complexity in promotion planning.

Pricing: New Analytics, Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

Pricing is an important but complex tactic in category management because changes can have huge implications on sales and profit. As we continue to expand understanding on just how varied the response to price changes is, we can begin to understand the variables such as online shopping, price transparency, Shopper expectations, and value.

Advanced Analytics: Relativity

*Training Topics, Format, or Audience: On-Demand Learning Analytics Work Training Course Intermediate Level
Course Overview

Pricing Strategies and Analysis Techniques

Course Overview Participants review retailer strategies that relate to pricing, including price setting definitions and price rules for the retailer. It covers how prices are set, including promotional and new product pricing. The second half of the course captures a variety of advanced pricing analytic techniques, including breakeven point, correlation and price regression, activity-based costing and slope. Participants learn many different techniques used to assess retailer pricing.   Approximately 2.5 hours income