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Building an Organizational CatMan Structure and Strategy From the Inside Out

*Training Topics, Format, or Audience: On-Demand Learning Category Management Strategy Master’s Level
According to CatMan 2.0™, interdependent roles should be in the same organization, which means Shopper Insights and Marketing belong within category management. Internal alignment cannot happen if the category management department is separated from the rest of your organization. Participants learn how to unify category and Shopper perspective, strategy, and understanding and how to measure ROI from your more sophisticated category management process and framework.

Changing Shopper Behavior During & After the Pandemic

This course provides new and relevant insights into changing Shopper behaviors as a result of COVID-19 and different perspectives on the implications for future business. We also introduce a COVID-19 Resources Tool to help learners to navigate through the rapidly changing shopper and industry.

The Latest and Greatest Shopper Insights Data

In today’s world, both retailers and manufacturers must gain a deep understanding of shopper needs and behaviors to better inform their marketing activity. This requires organizations to move beyond traditional data sources into some new and exciting data. In this course, through collaboration with some top Shopper data/insights solution providers in North America, we provide some case study examples of new data, measures and insights available for a deeper Shopper understanding. Some of the impacts of the COVID-19 virus are also addressed.