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Understanding Retailer Strategy and Category Management 2

This accredited program builds proficiency in the category management process at a deep level, including category definition, roles, strategies, and implementation of the plan. By moving into more depth about the category management process, you will learn to effectively set up your categories for success through these more detailed foundations in category management. Buy Understanding Retailer Strategy and Category Management 2 ($369) from CMKG.ORG

Advanced Retailer Understanding

This accredited skill development training program builds proficiency in understanding Retailer's business goals and objectives. Understanding a Retailer’s income statement, product supply measures, and the product supply chain will give you new perspective that you can apply to future decisions and recommendations that you make. Buy Advanced Retailer Understanding ($198) from CMKG.ORG

Retailer Strategy

Course Overview Participants increase their understanding of what is included in a retailer’s overall strategy, and the importance of being able to understand and articulate the strategy (from both a retailer’s and supplier’s perspective). Retailer strategy has a significant impact on category management, and needs to be defined across different buckets, including retail format, target consumer, competitive environment and private label or no name. Each of these areas will be reviewed in detail. A hands-on workshop allows participants to define the strategy for a specific retailer that they either work for, or that is their client. Approximately 2 hours course time

Retailer Economics and the Product Supply Chain

Course Overview