Master Essential Skills & Topics for Retail and CPG

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Foundations of Category Management: The Basics

Overview: Category management is a strategic imperative across diverse sectors, including retail, CPG, c-store, DIY, industrial, and professional services. Essential for retailers, suppliers, and solution providers, this course provides a foundational understanding of category management principles, processes and strategies.

Revitalizing Category Management: Adapting to Shopper Needs, Technology, Data, and Omni-Channel Evolution

Overview: In the last decade, category management has evolved significantly due to complex data, advancing technologies, changing shopper expectations, and the rise of the omni-channel. To remain effective in retail and CPG, it's crucial to adopt a more dynamic and adaptive approach. This includes integrating insights from diverse channels, prioritizing the preferences of the modern shopper, and leveraging innovative technologies. Navigating these changes requires a strategic upgrade, acknowledging new challenges and embracing cutting-edge strategies to stay relevant and agile in the dynamic retail landscape.