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Assortment Planning in the Omni-Channel

As the omni-channel continues to evolve and shoppers demand more from their experience, we need to understand how to create strategic, profitable and shopper-focused assortments. Join Sue Nicholls of CMKG as she walks through the requirements, considerations and analytics for Omni-Channel assortments that reflect the needs of shoppers, retailers and manufacturers.  

Assortment: New Shopper-Focused Metrics and Advanced Technologies

Product assortment is where large amounts of analytic time is spent since products not carried by a retailer can’t sell. Assortment analysis determines how to fit innovation into the product range. Participants inquire how to use new data sources, technologies, and analytics in advanced assortment, and consider the impact demand-based clustering and assortment.

Efficient Assortment: A Step-by-Step Process

Course Overview Efficient assortment is the analytical process that fits within product assortment, and within the category management framework. It is an enabler to the other steps within the category management plan. Participants learn about retailer assortment strategies, and the importance of understanding these strategies before moving into any type of assortment work, then learn the steps course time a manual assortment project, which will give them foundation from which they can either build their own assortment capabilities or better understand the assortment tools being used in their own organization. In this course, basic and intermediate techniques of assortment analytics are reviewed.   Approximately 2.5 hours course time