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Category Management Training Program, Levels 1-2 CPCA-CPCM

This category management training program spans the foundations of Category Management from the foundational to the intermediate level with a focus on in-depth data and analysis. It's a great program if you have a limited background or need a refresher in the foundations, if you want a good general knowledge of category management data and analytics, or if you are seeking certification at the Certified Professional Category Manager (CPCM) level with the Category Management Association (CMA). Buy Foundational / CPCA + Intermediate / CPCM Category Management Training Program ($1,549) or Certification Package ($1,699) from CMKG.ORG

Category Management Training Program, Level 1 CPCA

This set of foundational courses gives a solid grounding in the category management process, analytics and presentation skills. This program meets all learning requirements for the designation of Certified Professional Category Analyst (CPCA) designation for those who are interested in certification. Who should take this course? Retail, category management, sales and shopper teams looking for an intermediate understanding of Category Management and/or who is looking to achieve CPCA certification. Program Details Approx. 30-35 hours course time No prerequisites Available in Spanish

Building Powerpoint and Presentation Skills

Course Overview Participants build their skills in technical and tactical functionality of PowerPoint and presentation skills. By understanding the fundamentals of PowerPoint, participants become more efficient in developing effective, succinct, and impactful presentations. The presentation skills included in this course allow participants to take their great PowerPoint presentations, and effectively present them to either internal or external audiences. This course is broken into 2 distinct parts, first focusing on PowerPoint skills, then on presentation development and delivery. Approximately 2.5 hours course time

Increasing your Effectiveness in an Analytical World

*Training Topics, Format, or Audience: CPCA Beginner Level On-Demand Learning Category Management
Many category management professionals end up in a very tactical role that results in them pulling and compiling data, with little room left for analyzing the data and becoming more strategic in their role. The opportunity is to become more strategic by learning where participants are spending too much time doing unimportant work and making some usually simple changes to free up some time for that more strategic work that they’ve always meant to get to.