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Annual Learning Subscription: Online Training from CMKG

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Future-proof your career by keeping current and upgrade your skills the easy way — with CMKG's Annual Learning Subscription! The Annual Learning Subscription includes 12-month access to CMKG’s leading training, resources, tools, and webinars. Subscribers get so much from us without breaking the budget. A Learning Subscription is the perfect way to stay current with the industry and the easiest way to continue to build your skills over time and keep up with the ever-changing CatMan industry.  Buy Annual Learning Subscription ($249) from CMKG.ORG

30-Day Learning Subscription Trial

The CatMan Learning Subscription Trial includes 30-day access to CMKG’s online Training & Resource Center. This is an easy way to explore category management, build skills, and try out CMKG’s approach to continuous learning! This low risk option is perfect for those just entering the industry or considering a career in Category Management. Get a taste of our exclusive learning tools and resources that will help you stay competitive and on top of the ever-changing industry trends. Your 30-Day Learning Subscription Trial is a no pressure, no stress way to take advantage of our advanced training and see where you can benefit from our extensive learning resources.   Buy 30-Day Learning Subscription Trial ($49) from CMKG.ORG