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Upheaval in Retail Product Supply Chains and its Impact

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eCommerce is impacting tactics in-store and online. To keep up with consumer needs in both, retailers require a clear understanding of how products move from warehouses to consumers. The retail supply chain is now more complex than ever due to changing retail assortments, shifting space requirements, effects on cost and new automation tech. Retailers are changing, including making monumental supply chain shifts, rationalizing assortment lineups and changing planograms, re-examining their pricing strategies and promotional activity as stores become distribution centers for in-store pickup, and prioritizing digital platforms as they move to an omni-channel approach. Participants learn about the changes, challenges, and solutions surrounding the retail product supply chain to help retailers and suppliers make better recommendations and decisions. This course is relevant to and important for anyone who works in the retail industry, sells or supplies to retailers, and/or who wants a broad understanding of retail.