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Proficiency In Excel

This accredited program builds your Excel skills, no matter where you are in your learning process to help you become more proficient in developing and analyzing Excel spreadsheets using category management data. Your program is broken into different mini-modules that start with the basics, followed by intermediate and advanced topics. Each mini module includes a how-to video, followed by a workshop where you will complete examples that were taught in the video. Proficiency In Excel ($149) from CMKG.ORG

Building Excel Skills

*Training Topics, Format, or Audience: Beginner Level Excel On-Demand Learning Training Course
Course Overview Participants have access to a set of mini-Excel courses that start “basic” and move up to “advanced” topics, while all the data examples used in these courses are appropriate to category management work. Participants learn to maximize their Excel skills across a broad range of topics, and they also benefit from the applied category management learnings provided in these courses. Topics reviewed include Range Names, Dynamic Range Names, Absolute and Relative References, Basic Formula Writing, Custom Formats, Custom Lists, Text Functions and VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP formulas. Approximately 2.5 hours course time (more time will be required for participants new to Excel)