3 Reasons to Develop Analytic Skills in Category Tactics

Strategy, Insights, Action!  You understand your underlying strategies, you’ve learned how to drill down to derive insights from your data, now what? Time to create action through the category tactics, or 4 Ps, including Product, Placement, Pricing and Promotion. Begin to develop analytic skills in category tactics by understanding the big picture of Category Tactics & Analytics. Each tactic influences volume, profit and share within a brand or category, and are the key drivers of “action” in the category. They need to be monitored and analyzed in order to understand how they impact volume growth or decline within a brand or category. Both Retailers and Manufacturers (including category management, marketing, sales, retail operations, etc.) need to understand how to analyze the category tactics (the 4 Ps) to make the best fact-based decisions and recommendations for the categories they compete in.
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