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This year spurred many changes, some of which will be lasting here at CMKG. We are a training company that teaches in many areas related to data & analytics, category management and presentation skills primarily for retailers and suppliers. Last year required us to pivot our live classroom training into virtual training sessions in the online space – and I’d like to share more of that with you right now.

So first, what do I mean when I refer to virtual training?

Virtual training at CMKG refers to training done online in Zoom or other software to simulate the traditional classroom.

Our training is instructor-led – usually by me — and sometimes with a guest speaker.

Our virtual training sessions are highly interactive and an opportunity for participants to roll up their sleeves and get some work done.

Types of Virtual Training

We have different types of virtual training available – whether it’s just in time to meet an immediate need, for a national or regional meeting, spaced out over time, or part of a blended learning program.

We’ve got many topics to draw learnings from to meet your needs – in fact, we have over 70 courses of content to draw from. You can choose a topic, choose a series, or work with me to build your own program to meet your specific needs.

In net, we’ve got the content – and can help you create the best approach for your team and budget.

Virtual Training in Action!

Here’s an example of a more complex program where a client was looking for a blended learning program that combined online courses and virtual training. Their overall goal was to build better insights, and then turn those insights into compelling, fact-based presentations as part of a year-long program. So we built this program with their learning & training team to meet those goals.

See Examples of CMKG.ORG Virtual Training

How Virtual Training Works

Our team also takes on the responsibility of following up with students, nudging them to complete their courses and homework and helping them to successfully complete their program – obviously alongside reinforcement from their managers who we also will nudge with reminders of milestone dates.

Here are some examples of our most popular topics that we run in virtual sessions – these ones have both online course requirements and then a virtual session. This is a great approach to use because participants come to the session with knowledge that we can then explore further in the virtual session.

For one of our clients who wanted to move their team to more strategic insights and presentation skills over a longer period of time, this became a one-year training program for them that included an assessment to kick off the extended learning program.

Once again, we work with you to determine the best approach for your team.

Engagement is key in virtual training.

A student favorite is the knowledge challenges that we run to test their knowledge in topic areas and to discuss the answers.

We get them to answer on their mobile devices or in a web browser, then show the correct answer and discuss.

And we even can use leaderboards for a competitive piece. These challenges are fun and also a great learning exercise that really keeps individuals on their toes.

Another highly effective engagement tool that we use in virtual training is breakout groups – this is where we can divide students into separate meeting rooms online, get them to work on a task – whether it’s data or a presentation or a role play – and then have them present back to the group.

This option is great for analyzing data and drawing insights, creating or revising content based on learnings, and/or to solve a puzzle or challenge.

In our virtual sessions, students quickly learn that they truly are there to learn – we incorporate many tools into the session to ensure they want to stay engaged – and work with our clients to successfully achieve the goals of the training.

Ready to Start?!

I hope I’ve helped you to better understand our instructor-led virtual training options. In net, we can customize a one-off session or a series with or without an online homework component to help meet your needs. Please contact me or book time to discuss your needs.




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Written by Sue Nicholls, CPSA Founder & President CMKG

Category Management is my passion. Since beginning with P&G in the late 1980s, I have dedicated my work life to building and sharing this passion with others through active involvement in the industry, including long-term business relationships with large Retailer and CPG executives, development and influence on Category Management Association certification standards, curriculum, and conference education, thought leadership publishing and presentations at CSP News’ Convenience University, CMA’s Annual Conference and LinkedIn, and as a member of DePaul University’s Center for Sales Leadership Advisory Board, and Western Michigan University’s Food Marketing Advisory Board. Beginning in 2019, our catalogue of accredited training that my team and I have developed is part of the Category Management Association’s strategic education initiative for all member organizations. Always anticipating where the industry is moving and the skills needed to compete and stay relevant, I’ve helped to bridge the gap between data and insights pioneering the way we use storytelling and data visualization to better understand analytics and make effective decisions for the future. Using my years of experience, I coach clients of all experience levels in the Retail, Manufacturer, and Solution Provider industries to help them propel forward achieving both their learning and career goals whether in eCommerce, sales, or marketing and beyond. My specialty lies in leadership and engagement, networking and consulting with individuals and large companies from around the world to better improve and develop our curriculum and accredited training programs, like our leading-edge Master’s Training, utilized by category management organizations for strategic education. Through this blog and other channels, I share my years of expertise with our industry and believe that an open and ongoing conversation can improve any team’s capacity to implement business strategies that achieve their strategic priorities.