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Building Pricing and Promotion Skills

Pricing and promotion are important tactics that have a significant impact on volume and profit in a category. In order to make the best recommendations or decisions for pricing and promotion, you need to understand strategy, data and analytics associated with each of them, ultimately driving volume and profit. The skills you develop in this program will result in more fact-based pricing and promotion decisions (and potential increased sales and profit) that align to overall Retailer strategies. Buy Building Pricing and Promotion Skills ($198) from CMKG.ORG  

Promotion: New Analytics and Implications for Retailers and Manufacturers

Promotion, as a driver of incremental sales, has expanded way beyond traditional flyers and coupons to include websites, targeted emails, social media, and retailer mobile strategy. Participants learn to use advanced data and technology to plan effectively for this new and expanding complexity in promotion planning.

Promotion Analysis Techniques

Course Overview